Yoga for Creativity at the Horniman Conservatory

With the next workshop coming up this weekend at The Life Centre, I thought it was about time I posted something about the last one!


It was…in September. At the AMAZING conservatory at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. And it was really very lovely.

It was an extra special one because it was accompanied by acoustic percussion by Jamie Misselbrook (he also happens to be my boyfriend), and he finished the workshop with a sound bath.


There was a brief moment when I thought that maybe the vibrations from the gong would shatter the glass of the conservatory. But that didn’t happen.

One of the yogis who came along was Joanna Layla, an illustrator who has been a regular at my classes for a while. She sent me two images – from sketchbook to illustration – of the idea that she was working with during the workshop. I’m always unreasonably excited to hear about the ways in which yoga practice, and particularly this kind of practice which is closely linked with creative process, finds its way into the thoughts and output of practitioners. So it’s great to see these (and thanks, Jo, for letting me share them!).



In Joanna’s words: It was an idea I was already working on but I was really interested in how the idea expanded in the class and materialised afterwards. I was especially interested in the phenomenology idea and how both yoga and art are about the mind allowing the body to lead – or the body finding a way through the obstacles of the mind to a posture or image.

I’m looking forward to teaching another workshop this Saturday – if you’d like to come along, click here for info and tickets. It’d be WONDERFUL to see you there.

It’s actually my last London class for a while; I’ll be writing another blog post about why for a while, but to give you a clue…Jamie and I, and our baby daughter Frida, are getting ready to hit the road in our soon-to-be converted van and head to mainland Europe. I’ll be teaching at yoga retreats along the way, so maybe I’ll see you somewhere?!

Also…follow @joannalayla and @jamiemisselbrook on Instagram.

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