Izzy’s corporate lunch hour classes are the perfect way to take time out during a busy day. Izzy is a responsive, compassionate teacher who understands how each individual, and the class as a whole, is feeling each day, and knows just how to construct the class so that everyone gets as much out of it as possible. The classes are always challenging, and I always come away feeling lighter, stronger, more centred, and ready to tackle the rest of the day. – Stephanie Routhier-Perry, 2017. (The Royal Society)

A wonderful class which was nicely balanced with some strong postural work and an invitation to explore the more intuitive and creative sides of the soul. – James Cartwright, 2017. (Colourfest)

Until joining Izzy’s lunchtime class at work, I had not regularly practised yoga, and suffered from intermittent lower back pain. Izzy is an encouraging, friendly and patient teacher. Despite my (literal) inflexibility and lack of experience, she takes the time to make sure I know what I am meant to be doing, or aiming towards in each class. Since joining her class, my posture, flexibility and, most important, back pain have all improved. I look forward to continuing with her class and, who knows, I may even be able to touch my toes one day! – Andrew Dunn, 2017 (The Royal Society)

An hour of Yoga with Izzy during the working day is a wonderful opportunity to refocus and relax. The classes are a nice balance of stretching and strengthening and continue to challenge me on different levels. My technique has improved vastly and I really look forward to each week’s class, I can highly recommend it! – Gabrielle Laing, 2017. 

Izzy’s classes are challenging and soulful. A deep and authentic practice combined with a steady, comforting confidence that makes for a very calming class. I always leave feeling centered and revitalised and have always learnt something new, that can be transferred into everyday life, making the whole experience very rewarding and valuable. – Claire J. S., 2013. (Urbananda Yoga)