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Yogaskrit: Yoga for Creativity at the Horniman Conservatory
Sunday 17th September 2017 15:30-18:00

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I’m very excited to offer this workshop in the beautiful Victorian conservatory at the Horniman Museum! Just being in this space is inspiring enough, but there’s more…


A yoga and meditation workshop for people who make art (of any kind, for love or money or both), to help with generating ideas, working through creative blocks and accessing the deep creative power within. With live acoustic percussion, and finishing with an immersive sound experience by drummer and sound designer Jamie Misselbrook – hopefully, if the weather agrees, timed perfectly so that you’ll open your eyes to the first colours of an autumn sunset.

The workshop begins with a guided meditation based on studies of the relationship between yoga and creativity. Then, a strong vinyasa flow yoga practice, sequenced with anatomical intelligence, and weaving in poses, yoga mythology and learnings from anthropological research that all come together to bring the practitioner closer to their creative core, and banish the fear of not being good enough. This strong practice gradually comes down to more gentle, slow movement, and there are short periods of idea-making; you will be given the space to sit on the mat and explore, in writing or with visual art, the openness and ideas that the practice has brought up.

These physical and creative practices give way to a deep, guided relaxation to integrate the ideas and inspiration gained, so that you can go away with a renewed confidence and belief in your creative ability. And finally, an immersive sound experience will make sure you feel extra chilled and extra inspired before you leave this lovely glass building.

  • You’ll be given an illustrated yoga sequence to take away with you, created with making art in mind. It’ll be short and simple, including postures from the workshop, to be followed at home so that you can begin to integrate a yoga practice into your art practice.
  • You’ll need to bring a notebook or sketchbook, and pen/pencil.
  • Mats and blocks will be provided (but of course you’re welcome to bring your own if you have one; the floor is tiled, so a little extra padding won’t hurt!)

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